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Our aim is to provide complete transparency regarding the sourcing of the materials we use, to give you peace of mind that the products are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Every item is designed and made in our workshop in Bude and for each piece we are able to tell you which saw mill the timber was purchased from, and in many cases we can even tell you where the tree grew. 

We only use UK hardwoods, and these are usually sourced from within a 60 mile radius of our workshop to keep carbon emissions down and support local small-scale saw mills. Depending on the wood that you require, there are situations when we may have to source the material from further afield, but this will still be within the south of England.

We’re not only interested in the provenance of materials and how it can promote sustainability in terms of material usage. We also believe that having a connection and greater understanding of the steps involved in sourcing the materials, processing them and making furniture can help provide a greater connection to the item and result in the furniture becoming a treasured part of your home. Our ultimate aim is for our furniture to become heirlooms which are passed down generations.